Trew Audio Announces Trew Shield

Nashville, Tennesse — May 24th, 2022 — Trew Shield, a Trew Audio company, is now available for purchase in the United States. Trew Shield is the leading equipment insurance carrier for production gear, keeping you covered no matter what production gig you are on.

What makes Trew Shield Different From Other Carriers?

Trew Shield is a new approach to production equipment insurance. Calling other carriers can leave you concerned if you are even actually covered. Does your carrier even know the difference between a K-Tek and a Comtek?! Do yourself a favor and ask them! We believe that in order to protect our clients, we need to understand the industry as you do. This makes the quoting process faster and allows you to ensure that ALL of your gear is not covered (not just the pieces they understand and won’t dispute during the claims process…)

Trew Audio is the leading Production Sound Reseller for Pro Audio Equipment Worldwide

Teaming up With Trew Audio

Trew Shield strives to be the most streamlined service and claims management. Teaming up with Trew Audio was a sure win. It allows us to give excellent coverage at competitive rates from A-Rated carriers while keeping all your records of your equipment purchases in one place. What does this mean for you? Nationwide support of the Trew Audio sales team who understand your business. No more confusion or downtime when you have a claim.

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About Trew Audio Inc.

Trew Audio is devoted to the art of location sound recording for film, video, and television production. From our Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Nashville offices, we sellrent, and service pro audio equipment for motion picture sound production in markets worldwide. We have customers in all fifty United States, and in dozens of countries.

Our Canadian branches provide local service for the major film production centers of Toronto and Vancouver and offer regional support to eastern and western Canada.

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