Insurance for the “Production Minded”

No matter who you are, we’ve got you covered.

Whit Norris
Production Sound Mixer

“The question of gear insurance comes up very often on this group as well as other sound groups. I have personally used 2 of the more popular companies in recent years. I have just switched to Trew Shield. I encourage everyone to check it out and compare rates and coverage. The savings definitely got my attention. It was also great to talk my agent on details of the policy. This was a win win for myself and several other mixers that have gone with Trew Shield. A insurance company that actually understands the needs of production sound.”

Steve Grider
Production Sound Mixer

“For a long time, I had avoided insuring my gear. There just weren’t many choices. The company that insured my home and cars just didn’t understand my unique needs. The companies I found online were just that…online. They had other clients just like me, but they wanted to do every bit of business online. I’m sorry, I’m old school. Let me talk to a human so I can have a real conversation in real time so I can ask questions as they come to me.

One day Rob at Trew Nashville mentioned that they were going to offer gear insurance. I was immediately interested. It wasn’t very long before I was talking to a real human being who answered my questions and offered insurance that was tailor made for location sound mixers.

I’m very happy with the policy and the price. I’m sorry/not sorry that I can’t review the claims process.  Everything thus far gives me confidence that will be handled just as professionally as the rest of my experience. I’m glad that I have it, with hope I’ll never use it.”

Chris Harris
Production Sound Mixer

“I recently tried to find commercial insurance for my equipment, and after many unproductive hours on the phone with multiple agencies, I had to run to Trew Audio to pick up equipment that had just been serviced. Jon was in the shop and I started venting to him about my insurance woes.

As luck would have it, he mentioned Trew had just started a program to provide equipment insurance: Trew Shield which partners with Trew Audio to provide insurance tailored for our business. My policy was underwritten by Nationwide so the coverage is very good and comprehensive. My agent was incredibly helpful with the process and set me up with a policy that provides more insurance than either of my other quotes for less than half the price. In addition, the policy can be paid monthly and all items over $1,500 are scheduled so you get a much more tailored commercial policy.”

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