Trew Audio created a licensed insurance agency called Trew Shield that offers A-rated carriers that can protect your gear. Trew Shield and Trew Audio operate hand-in-hand to get you seamless service and insurance solutions tailored to your needs at the best possible price.

Trew Audio has always sold production equipment and protecting it is just as important.

By offering insurance, Trew Audio customers can now get equipment and coverage in one place without having to explain what they do to an insurance agent. (We know what is like out there!)

Insurance cost varies depending on how you use your gear, so having a call with our licensed agents who understand your business will help tailor the best protection for your needs.

Since our focus is serving professionals, you’ll find our rates are surprising affordable and can be scaled to meet a budget while providing excellent coverage for your equipment.

Seamless policy integration

  • Each time you buy or sell equipment, Trew Audio can help you increase or decrease coverage on your policy so you’re never over-paying and never under-insured.
  • Trew Audio will always keep your policy on file if needed for any reason.

Claims management

  • If you need to file a claim, Trew Audio can help you get the process started at any branch from 8am Eastern to 6pm Pacific.
  • Trew Audio has an extensive selection of rental gear on-hand to help you get back to work the same day you file a claim.
  • If an adjuster needs to inspect damaged equipment, you can leave it at Trew Audio rather than making an in-person appointment. Trew Audio will tell adjusters how the gear operates, and what it is worth.

Our carrier selection is constantly growing, but we will only offer those who are A-Rated by AM Best.

Trew Shield currently offers coverage throughout the US but is not yet available in Canada.

No. Even if you have already paid for insurance, you can switch at any time and you’ll be refunded for any term you haven’t used. Get a quote to see if you can start saving money today!

To get started, you can speak to any US Trew Audio salesperson who will help you schedule a call for a quote.

You can also call us at 615-988-0781 or submit your contact information directly on our website to select a time that works for you to speak with one of our agents.

Its quick!  In as little as a 10 minutes an agent can get all the information necessary to build a customized quote.

Absolutely. We can cover all types of production equipment.

Yes.  While our priority is to protect your gear, we do offer an extensive selection of personal lines insurance products.